Crossways Veterinary Group and KB Vet Physio

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I’ve been working with Crossways Veterinary Group informally over the past few years treating dogs on referral for a number of conditions. Since April 2019 I have very happily started using a room at the Findon branch of the practice. The Veterinary Group also has branches in Steyning and Storrington. Canine clinics run every Wednesday and Friday afternoon and have been fully booked since the opening. The benefit of working from the vets is physiotherapy treatments now also include class 4 laser therapy locally reduces inflammation and pain and can help to increase healing. It is often recommended by vets for arthritic patients and tendon, muscle or ligament damage like a strain, sprain or tear. Class 4 laser is also available as a stand-alone treatment at the Storrington branch. Although I am now primarily based at Crossways, I take on cases from all other veterinary practices and treat dogs for performance check-ups like agility and gun dogs.

If you are unsure whether physiotherapy can help your pet, please speak to myself or your vet.

Finn having laser therapy to help with his muscle tear from an unfortunate injury heal.


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