Coming to the end of a busy year...

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

I'm winding up the last week of work before Christmas and it's that time of year that invites reflection on the last 12 months.

In Dec 2017 I moved to Worthing from Storrington, and with it a new influx of clients from the local vets. The year started in very wet few months that I spent between a blur of treating, washing and madly trying to break the back of my MSc dissertation on saddle pressures. Come May there was a long overdue change in the weather and the horses became a lot busier with lighter evenings and owners having more time to ride and I was happy to be out and about in the lovely weather. I have never been so hot at work as I was this year but after a few weeks I was one of the lucky ones that got used to it and thrived in it. This all coincided with just before my hand in date and so was madly working until 10pm to get it all finished in the nick of time and before a week’s holiday in Croatia.

It wasn’t all plain sailing, after a long battle of OA with my beautiful painted demo horse who had retired from dressage the year before I had to say goodbye to Rocky, having exhausted all options. Keeping him pain free just wasn’t possible any longer.

This year I’ve had some really interesting and challenging cases including cervical arthropathy (changes in the joints of the base of the neck) and SIJ conditions in a young horse, two fully ruptured cruciate ligament in dogs at either end of their lives and several complex neuropathies (conditions affecting the nervous systems). Happily, they’re all doing well. Some have recovered to live a ‘normal’ life and others improve in strength and mobility and now manage we their condition, in the worst-case scenario without physio some of them were going to be put down. In the neuropathic cases the disease is degenerative and will be lifelong so using physio we can give them the best quality of life for the time they have.

I’ve started a winter series of talks the first of my canine ones on joint conditions and injuries, CPD for vets and workshops for owners. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for future dates.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with new vets, owners and dog trainers and hope it continues.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from Katherine and Maddy

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