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Case Studies

Torn Cruciate Ligament

Kobi, a 4 year old American Akita, had a torn cruciate ligament on his right hind leg with the added complication of a meniscal tear. He had surgery Crossways Veterinary Group to implant an artificial ligament and did physiotherapy for the following few months. He made a full recovery and is now back to walking 2-3 hours a day and wallowing in his favourite mud patch.

Dog with torn cruciate ligament

Spinal surgery for ruptured disc

Pretzel, a 7 yar old Staffie, was suddenly paralysed in her back legs. She was admitted to Fitzpatrick Referrals where she underwent spinal surgery for a ruptured disc and was referred for physiotherapy on discharge. When she arrived Pretzel still couldn't walk and it was a few weeks before she regained some movement in her back legs. With a winning can do attitude Pretzel began standing up in the sessions and then slowly to walk. She now enjoys walks again around West Sussex without the support of a wheelchair or a sling up to 45 minutes. 

Dog with spinl surgery

Puppy with Fractured Leg

A young old Border Collie puppy broke her leg after a dog attack on walk. The bottom of the femur (thigh) bone was fractured, and she was admitted for emergency surgery at Fitzpatrick Referrals. From 2 weeks post op she started intense physio to help the fracture heal quickly, keep function throughout recovery and give her the best chance of a normal life as an adult dog.


Remarkably the femur had been stunted in its growth but the tibia and fibular (lower leg) had grown extra to compensate for the short fall. This remarkable little dog now enjoys long walks around Sussex and even does agility training with no detrimental effects to her joint because the owners put in the hard work to regain the joint movement and correct muscle chains.

dog fractured leg

The Agility Dog 

A 7-year-old German Shepherd came because she was having performance problems in agility. Niamh was hiding in the tunnels, pulling away whilst queuing for her run and sometimes not wanting to jump. Having already been checked over by the vet and had a rest from agility the behaviour would return when she went back. On a thorough physio assessment, she was found to have back pain and poor core strength. She was treated for the pain and given a strength and conditioning programme. She shortly returned to training and competition and showed no sign of previous behaviours. She now comes regularly to keep her in tip top condition and has qualified for Crufts.

agility dog doing weaves


Oscar, a large neutered yellow Labrador, came for treatment to help manage the chronic pain in his multiple arthritic joints and spine. He loved his sessions and dozed when using the laser as it gives a warm gentle heat to the joints whilst giving a drug free local anti-inflammatory therapy. He lived to the ripe old age of 13 and staid off painkillers until very late in his life. 

Dog with arthritis
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