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Horse having physio

Horses like riders can become restricted in parts of their body and movement.

Signs your horse may need physiotherapy:

  • difficulty in performing specific movements or stiffness on one rein

  • difficulty engaging their hind quarters, falling in through the quarters or out through the shoulder

  • evading the bit, hollowing or rushing

  • an injury, fall, getting cast or escaping from the field

  • napping, bucking, rearing or bolting

  • having had a poorly fitting saddle or tack

  • sensitive when being brushed

  • knocking fences, jumping to one side or refusing

  • toe dragging and /or stumbling

  • recovery from surgery or veterinary treatment

Equine physiotherapy can help by restoring flexibility, function and strength to keep your horse at the top of it's well being and performance. 

If you are in doubt whether physiotherapy can help your horse please contact me for free advice.

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